This is the North Yuke World Headquarters in Grass Valley, CA. My home office is at once sanctuary, studio, and prison. It's where I go to retreat, create, and work all hours of the night. Or at least until the deadline is met. 

It's a place of beauty. There is a chicken coop right outside the door. There's a shotgun just inside the door. The two sort of go together here in the Sierra foothills. And so do bears, bobcats, raccoons, coyotes, and a variety of other preditors. 

There's a private deck just outside the windows. Everyone should have a place to pace. 90% of preproduction and postproduction happen here. 100% of production happens anywhere but here. There's a couch in here. Usually it supports quick breaks and sometimes Zoom meetings. The dogbed you see on the floor supports the 12-year old lab when she isn't out begging treats from the Fed Ex driver. 

In all. It's not a bad life for a creative prisoner. Or a monk. 

Production Process

The process for a new project is simple. 10 steps to complete your video.

  1. Call me. I'd like to hear what you hope to do with your digital content.
  2. I'll listen. Then I'll come back to you with some ideas for ways to make the most of your media budget.
  3. Pencil to paper. Next, I try to capture everything in a scope of work and cost estimate.
  4. Your decision. Once you agree to proceed, you'll provide a deposit via simple agreement and invoice that spells out the deliverables and our mutual responsibilities.
  5. Preproduction. We collaborate on a script/concept. Meanwhile, I begin planning production.
  6. Production. When we decide to create or capture content, I'll pull together my A-listers and we'll make magic.
  7. Rough Cut. This is one of the best parts of the project. We start putting meat on the virtual bones.
  8. Review. I'll upload your review cuts to a single, secure Vimeo URL from rough cut to delivery. You can check it at any time through the process to see all recuts and improvements to your video.
  9. Final Cut. I'll perfect the color and transitions, finalize all animation/graphics and mix down the sound.
  10. Delivery. I supply digital masters, you provide the remaining payment due. If we're working on a time & materials project, I'll give you all of your source content we've created on a hard drive supplied by you.

Lou Douros | Project Lifespan

Production Ecosystem  


Mutual trust = COLLABORATION

  • Jada Windows, Grass Valley, CA
  • Nevada Irrigation District, Grass Valley, CA
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Co., San Ramon, CA
  • Placer Community Foundation, Auburn, CA
  • Autometrix, Grass Valley, CA
  • Intel, Folsom, CA
  • KUIU, Dixon, CA
  • Greater Folsom Partnership, Folsom, CA
  • City of Folsom, Folsom, CA
  • Child Advocates of Nevada County, Nevada City, CA
  • Nevada County Economic Resource Council, Nevada City, CA
  • Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation, Grass Valley, CA
  • Future Oceans, Queensland, Australia
  • Fresh Air Media, Auburn, CA
  • Pondera Solutions, Folsom, CA

ProBono Clients

  • Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning, Nevada City, CA
  • In Concert Sierra, Nevada City, CA
  • Child Advocates of Nevada County, Nevada City, CA
  • Living Well, Grass Valley, CA


Planning • Production • Edit/Effects

  • Lou writes copy, headlines and scripts for his clients and script-doctors his associate's creative. Pre-production planning is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful shoot.
  • Whether he's filming solo with his own gear or directing the efforts of a complete crew, Lou makes the most of each standard 10-hour production day.
  • When he's captured the story on camera, the work of storymaking has just begun. Lou takes great pains in freeing his client's key messages during edit and effects.

The process starts with a creative input brief. Lou discovers the objectives and goals of his client's message and delivery. This component guides the rest of the process. Then through pre-production, Lou plans and designs both creative and the technical aspects of shoot and edit. During production, because the project has been carefully planned, crew and equipment come together to make magic. And finally, Lou edits to schedule and budget and uploads review copies to his Vimeo page. Clients review each current revision at any time of day or night from one single URL.


Equipment to Meet Project Requirements

Lou prefers the Sony FS7 cinema camera package for most of his higher end budgets or studio styled location shoots. When working in more extreme environments or with smaller footprint setups, he will often rig the Sony A7 iii with the Ronin S gimbal, or on a lightweight tripod. The North Yuke Films under development usually require the smaller footprint gear. In either case, Lou's in-house packages are designed to meet the demands of most client work targeting web video delivery.

North Yuke Gear List

  • Camera: Sony FS7 Cinema/4K
  • Camera: Sony A7s iii Mirrorless
  • Camera: Sony A7 iii Mirrorless
  • Ninja V 4k & RAW Recorder/Monitor
  • Lenses
    • 24-70mm Canon L Series 
    • SLR Magic 25mm Prime 
    • SLR Magic 35mm Prime 
    • 70-300mm Canon L Series
    • 14mm Prime Bower
  • Ronin S
  • iFootage SHARK Camera Slider
  • Sachtler Tripod
  • GoPro 7 Black, 2xGoPro Sessions
  • Phantom 4 Drone
  • Zoom H4N Digital Recorder
  • Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Mic
  • Rode Shotgun and boom pole
  • Honda CRF 250x offroad solution for remote access
  • CAN-AM 450 Outlander offroad solution for remote access (With Utility Trailer)
  • Light & Grip
    • 3x LED Generay Torpedo Lights
    • Lowell VIP lights + Portable backdrop system
    • LED Panels
    • 4'x4' Collapsible silk diffusion/reflector system
    • C-Stands
  • Mac-Based Adobe CreativeCloud, with 16TB RAID5 T-bolt Storage

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