Today Tynan said to me, "I jumped off the rock." He was remembering last summer's trips to the Yuba River and how Dusty showed him how to jump off the "jumping rock".

I told him, "Tynan, you're so handsome..." and he added, "and brave because I jumped off the rock". Then I said, "you're brave, yes, but I'm not thinking it's because you jumped off the rock. I think you're brave because you were in Taiwan and had to work hard just to get along there, and when we came and got you and brought you home, you had to be very brave. It was all new to you, and you are brave because of that."

He said. "Yup and because of the rock". Well, there's just no arguing with a hero. When you know you've got something special, you just can't shake it. And that's how it is with Tynan. His insecurity that has made him obsessively loyal is changing into die-hard courage. He is bound to this once foreign family in a commitment that ignores common sense.

Courage. I don't think it's as much about charging ahead, hell or high water, as much as it is about acceptance. Once I'm assured that the other end of my actions is frought with resolution, I can move forward without fear.

May Tynan's adult life be filled with complete acceptance.