When Blaise was Danny, we traveled together to China to complete the Mei An adoption. Since I traveled a lot, he was always interested in wherever I went and knew I would come home with cool stuff. It was rarely stuff that you'd buy in a gift shop. It was usually some haggled piece of used thing or other. It is the story that goes along with the gift that makes it special.

One of the most gratifying things for me is when Blaise travels to foreign soil, he returns with objects that have stories, not usually from a gift shop, but a haggled thing. When we were together in China, he bought locally produced music on CD's that must have been burned one at a time. Things like that.

I've had the fortune of traveling with a camera and could come home with more than memories of those places. In fact, the faces most often of the children there seem to stick with me most. I have cut together some of the children who got me most and uploaded it to YouTube. Some of the footage was captured by other producers from Fresh Air Media in Auburn, CA. The video is one of my favorite things.