Local Filmmaker Collaborates with Singer/Composer for NID

Filmmaker, Lou Douros and musician, Moira Smiley worked together to promote Nevada Irrigation District’s commitment to the community.

Grass Valley, CA— 12/11/20 —  Today, local filmmaker Lou Douros, said he delivered a short music video, commissioned by Nevada Irrigation District to express the company’s contribution to the community. The video was scored with the yet unreleased a cappella arrangement of “Stand In That River” by singer/composer, Moira Smiley. The recording will appear on Moira Smiley’s new album, “In Our Voices”, scheduled for release February, 2021.

The music was the inspiration Douros drew upon to film the men and women that work tirelessly to supply Nevada and Placer Counties with reservoirs for safe drinking water, reliable irrigation, recreation, and fire suppression.

“I wanted to expand the artistic power of the film by inviting a composer to add the ‘voice’ to the visuals,” said Douros. “I reached out to Moira Smiley, thinking a cold call was a long-shot. She was so excited about it she sent a newly recorded, unreleased mix of the song.”

NID’s General Manager, Greg Jones, led the unorthodox approach of working with the freelance filmmaker.
“This project was a reflection of our loyalty to our own community, and the vocal traditions of the Cornish miners that were some of NID’s first customers,” Jones said.

Ms. Smiley added, “I’m truly thrilled that you pulled this sense of tradition into this work, and included Stand in That River in this golden droplet of goodness.”

Douros found the themes of the song to be consistent with his first-hand experiences filming of NID crews on waterways under their management.

Douros said, “The song has a hopeful message. Everyone who’s ever had stewardship over this water was responsible for the larger community. The Nisenan. The hard-rock miners. Now it’s our turn. I wanted to provide a glimpse of why NID matters to us all.”

Douros spent hours filming on the water at Scotts Flat Lake, with NID crews doing hand maintenance on canals, and even with large equipment operators. He filmed fire suppression work with a helicopter crew dipping and dropping loads of water from a collapsible bucket.

“You don’t think about it, but all that fire retardant is mixed with NID water”, Douros said. “Their mission isn’t just about safe drinking water. If they run out of water during fire season… it’s over.”
The finished film can be viewed at and on Douros’ portfolio on his website:

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