I’ve always been a fan of office dogs. You tend to find them cruising around creative spaces and checking in on clients and staff. It’s a romantic idea I suppose. So… after the old family dogs died a couple years ago, and my daughter-in-law found the “most adorable puppy…” advertised at a local dog rescue place, we brought Kula home. A lab/vizela mix, (some have renamed, “Vizelab”), Kula is now about two years old and full of piss and vinegar, as they say. A good dog.

I thought it would be a good idea to start training her to come to my office. I have an old couch here and have been able to get her to distinguish between it and the one in the living room, upstairs. (My "World Headquarters" is in a remodeled storage area under the house. It has a private deck, but still has a storage shed vibe). 

Kula is a stick-obsessed, born retriever with a lot of puppy energy. And so, while I’m editing, I spend most of my time with that feeling like someone is staring at me. She usually gets her way, and I’ll let videos render or take a call out on the deck while she brings sticks back to me. She also gets me out for walks down to Wolf Creek just below the North Yuke World HQ. So, while she’s not yet great in the office… she has been a good distraction. Which, after all, is what an office dog is all about. And so. From the newest member of the North Yuke team (and the rest of us...)

Merry Christmas 
Kula on a recent Wolf Creek expedition