That's where I'm staying. Sun Sun Lodge, or Hotel.... or something. I can't really tell, because here in Costa Rica, up here in the hills, it's all jungle. But even though it's the sun sun.... we didn't see the sun all day.
The rooms at the Sun Sun Whatever are ok. Hot showers. Tile floors. Some of the rooms are Log Cabin styled, which means the rooms are divided one from another by logs. And mortar. But not a whole lot else. Right now, in the room next door, there is a lot of talking loudly in Spanish into a cell phone, in an effort to scream into he bad cell service and to drown out the very loud television ... also blaring in Spanish.
On the other side of the other wall of my room is our DP (director of photography). I can carry on a conversation from my room with Loren without even raising my voice. In fact I just said to him, "That's not me watching Spanish television". He replied, "no? but was that you yelling into your cell phone in Spanish?" In other words, he can hear the people TWO doors down perfectly. I'm not kidding I've slept in tents that were more sound proof.
Today I flew a helicopter. Well. It's a small one that carries a small GoPro camera. It's also known as a "drone". It was incredibly cool. I am, I think, the official drone pilot here on the shoot. I'll be flying these cool high establishing shots of the three hosts of the program as  they continue  on their adventure here in Costa Rica and on to Nicaragua. Our hosts are 12 year old kids from Texas. Two girls, Haley and Emma along with the primary host, Enzo Monfre. They are great kids that act just like 12 year olds, but with really good manners and high IQ's. They are sharp as tacks. The drone will be flying in a banana plantation tomorrow. Among the banana plants. Not banana trees, as the Dole executives reminded us today. Bananas don't grow on trees. Bet you didn't know that. They are technically "herbs". They grow on banana .... ummmm .... plants.
Ay nononono..... that's what I'm hearing now next door. I wonder what that means.
In a few days we're going to go to stay at Rios Tropicales. It's another Lodge or Hotel or whatever but WAY more into the jungle. I've been told we'll be greeted every morning by howler monkeys. Apparently at the Rios Tropicales Whatever, they come through in a .... what....???? Herd??? Whatever it is, a gang.... of howler monkeys come through the trees and though they aren't large animals, there is apparently a good reason they are called "howler" monkeys. We heard a toucan today, by the way, but that was a pleasant sound. Never saw it.
So now it's bed time here at the Sun Sun Whatever and I'm not tired, nor can I hear myself think. I'll be dreaming in Spanish. It's a great adventure so far. Looking forward to the big herb yellow fruity thingies.
Buenas Noches.