OK, so there's a time for everything and it's time to get my web presence up and running. So. That means what was "Hold Fast" all these years is now a new blog name, and it's hosted at a new site...

The new blog name is "North Yuke". I know sounds like a submarine destination or something, right? Well that's because... it sort of is. When Dusty was a young lad, he came up with the place. It would be where he'd go in his submarine when he grew up and GOT a submarine.... well so, I liked the thought that it's not really a place, actually, but a place you'd journey to, if you had the means to do it... a sort of almost place. And that's what my life seems like these days. A journey for sure. I'm not certain where it will actually take me. Who does, though, I mean really.

So if you go to www.northyuke.com you'll find there is this blog and it's on another site. It's really part of www.blatsnapper.com. That's the new site where I'll host all my work related stuff. Again... there was Dusty and his older brother made him mad one day. So Dusty screamed at the top of his lungs, redfaced at Blaise (who was then going by Danny...) ... "You ..... Fartfelly blatsnapper". Well that was the end of the argument or annoyance, because everyone in the house was on the floor laughing.

Dusty always had a way with words.

So there it is. Blatsnapper, a word nobody really knows what it means other than something you shout when you're frustrated, and North Yuke, a place you're going to, but doesn't, as far as anybody can tell you, exists. Sound like an adventure? I guess that's the point. some of those adventures are pretty frustrating.

I'll try to write more often. I promise.