It's a long way down
Long way
And when I look, it's my knees that do the talking
Also that space there to the right of my navel
And up just a few inches

That's where I feel the fall
Even if it doesn't happen

On a ride at Disneyland
I once felt the fall
I expected it and still my knees cried out
As did that place near my navel
Did I scream because I thought:
"This is it, the ride that breaks and everyone dies?"
I could even see the headlines in the paper

That's where I see my life end
Even if it doesn't happen...quite that way

But the thrill of the possibilities
Keeps us alive
And reassures our knees that we're still breathing
From that place near that place near our navels
And up a few more inches
A few steps back from the ledge
Or at the bottom looking up

That's where I'll be once again
Watching to see what happens