"It's What I Do..."

Storymaking involves people, collaboration, the right tools and passion. Lou created this snapshot of his skills because his parents keep asking, "what do you do again?"

Lou Douros | Studio Shoots


Lou has consulted with many organizations in developing best-in-class presentations. If it's a new camera or video content... or a whole microstudio you're looking for, Lou can probably help. Please fill out the Contact form and let him know what you're trying to do.

Lou Douros | Camera

As much of the story plays out in the lens as it does in concept. Lou has been shooting on all formats for three decades.

Lou Douros | Post Production

Lou edits in Adobe Creative Suite these days. He uses the video timeline like a writer uses a word-processor. Editing is a language and Lou is fluent.

Lou Douros | Location Shoots

Lou is travel-ready and has produced in more than 20 countries. At the end of the day, here or abroad, it's the commitment to story makes or breaks a project.


Lou Douros | Video Strategy

Lou integrates video with web, print and live media. Though video is an important part of your online presence, it has to connect to work.

Lou Douros | Effects

AfterEffects is Lou's tool of choice for 2.5-D effects work. He applies the best-in-class design work to each project.

Lou Douros | Concept Creative

No amount of awesome gear and talented actors can overcome lousy creative. Lou Douros drives your story from inception all the way to delivery of final upload for your distribution.

Lou Douros | Magic

This part is really hard to describe. But something just happens when clients click with a film-maker. The magic is in the relationships.

Lou Douros | Streaming Support

It ain't over until the video plays to your audience. Lou will guide you through the best compressions and mastering for your needs.

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