This weekend was really significant in unexpected ways. Christopher's message was oddly heart twisting... the lost sheep, the lost coin were the readings (Good Shepherd Sunday). It included his review of the scandal of Mother Teresa's memoirs and the truth that God will do whatever he needs to in order to get our attention to get us to repent and come to Him again. again. again. again. Teresa of Avila, revered saint, felt abandoned and forgotten. It makes her that much more a saint, more real and relevant.

There is a complication with the two parables of the sheep and the coin, they, neither of them have a choice. The "finders" come for them and snatch them. And it is not so with God. Our choice plays a part.

Mei An was indeed found by us, and snatched without her choosing. The Chinese gov't saw fit to do what they do best - predestine their people. And she has come to us... a queen, royalty for sure, in the making. And I will try to show her the deep magic that is in her life, that in spite of abandonment, she has been found, and her throne will be returned to her.

Christopher's message reminded me that I was plucked from the creek bed and carried on Christ's shoulders, feet held together, for those forty days before I went home again. And now I'm, as you have pointed out, made to worship in the royal courts and to ask Christ to accept me into his life not the other way 'round

So it's what I did at communion yesterday, I pleaded with Christ to accept me. And I stood up, both the same and changed. The rest of Christopher's sermon rambled... not even one of his best. Just something there just for me.