Northern Wake fans... I just wanted to let you know that filming is a go for the trailer to the film that will begin full production in 2013. You were part of the first Kickstarter fundraising push that grabbed the attention of several hundred interested backers. I travel this week to Alaska and Maui with DP John Northrup of Asheville, NC to shoot our first footage and complete a trailer to raise the remaining funding for future production.

 FOLLOW OUR PROGRESS You can follow our filming progress in two places... and on the films Facebook page... in fact, please hit that page and tell your friends about it... liking it is your option, but you know how it goes, social network popularity being what it is can only help.

I secured funding from the National Marine Sanctuary program and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. That sparked the interest of NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Office of Protected Resources in Juneau who have become incredibly supportive of the film's success.  Also, an Australian company that has developed devices that might just alert whales to the presence of fishing gear, Fumunda, soon to be Future Oceans, along with the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia have stepped forward with funding. The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, home to the film's narrator Ed Lyman also stepped forward to fund our production.

These backers have provided enough to travel and film the trailer... but we are far from funded. Please follow the link to the Northern Wake website and click on the DONATE button to support the upcoming production.

Associate Producer: Back the film at $1,000 and you will make the end credits as Associate Producer
Co-Producer: Back the film at $10,000 and you will share the opening and end credits as Co-Producer
Executive Producer: Back the film at $25,000 or more and you will share opening and end credits as Executive Producer

Stay tuned for other rewards that will be listed on and on the Facebook page -

Please feel free to comment or drop a line to me on our Facebook page. Thanks for your interest in Northern Wake.

Lou Douros, Producer