From Whales to Bears: Grass Valley Filmmaker to Explore the Wilds of Alaska

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Grass Valley, CA.

Grass Valley Filmmaker, Lou Douros is going wild. Since producing the award-winning and Emmy nominated documentary about large whale disentanglement that aired on PBS, "In The Wake Of Giants", Douros has been focused on his clients. But now, he’s mixing his love for his work with the physical demands of filming unpredictable wildlife in even less predictable geography.

“It’s all about story, whether it’s a promotional film for a client like Autometrix here in Grass Valley, or my own ‘passion projects’. Show me people doing something hard, I’ll find a story worth telling,” Douros said.

This time the story Douros is after is for a new client in Alaska. He’ll be filming for 65 days between August and October in extreme conditions in the Chugach Mountains near Anchorage. He’s working with one of the top guides in Alaska, Lance Kronberger of Freelance Outdoor Adventures on a series under development for the Outdoor Channel.

Douros said, “This program is unlike other hunting shows. It’s not all about ‘the kill”. We’re focusing on the guide. It’s an incredible feat to get a client through some of the most technical terrain in the world, and manage everything from their food to their comfort to their safety… in weather that changes dramatically by the minute.”

Douros’ production team doesn’t actually qualify as a “crew”. He’s going alone. “I’ve become accustom to old-school documentary work,” Douros said. “Of course I’d like at least one more person, but we’re stalking animals that can detect something’s out of place at 500 yards.” Douros will field produce, shoot, direct and schlep his own gear. Each time Kronberger takes one of his 13-15 clients out in search of Dall sheep, mountain goats, moose, and grizzly and brown bears, Douros will be on hand to film the story.

“They tell me we’ll be hiking up to 20 miles per day, and then camping in some of the most spectacular places on earth. Each hunt will put me in the field for up to 10 days, with only a day or two turn around. Anything can happen up there, from bad weather to impassable terrain.”

Most of Douros’ hunting gear has been provided by another of his clients, Kuiu, (, based in Dixon, CA. The premium ultra-light mountain hunting company has contracted with Douros for much of 2013 to develop a transparent company. Jason Hairston, CEO and founder of Kuiu said, “Every other company in our industry has tried to keep their business a secret. It’s my goal to become a company that is so open about what we do, it feels like you’re watching a reality show every time you come to our website.” Kuiu’s partnership with Zamberlan boots of Verona, Italy resulted in a pair of top-of-the-line mountaineering boots for Douros, compliments of Marco Zamberlan, that company’s CEO.

“I’m also working on an idea for a documentary that explores the conservation side of hunting,” said Douros. “Most people don’t know that hunters financially outperform the majority of conservationists when it comes to contributing their own money to protect wildlife.” Douros will be examining and photographing the topic first hand. individuals in search of interest.

With plenty of time to think as he covers lots of ground each day, Douros will be blogging about his journey at He’ll document the efforts of making this kind of television series and upload media and text each time he returns to civilization, between Kronberger’s client arrivals.

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