Every once in a while, I get a notice from Classmates.com and decide to go in there and update my personal information. It's been about two years so I decided to go in and drop a line, here's what I wrote:

I'm living in Grass Valley, CA. And the living part is a bonus. In 2006, I was crushed by a tree, lost several internal organs and happily, survived. My wife Melinda is the one who raced for help and saved my life. Then it was a couple months of trauma treatment in Roseville, CA.

What a ride, to get that close to the other side of the membrane that separates this world from the next, and receive the gift of full recovery...just what DOES a spleen do anyway? One of my kids is about to be married, and two others are entering first grade. Five total.

It's a funny thing, a social network. You just seem to be mumbling to yourself in the hopes of being overheard by people with whom you have only an arbitrary connection, something that time hasn't totally erased. We had more hair, less flab and all the answers. Now that we know what to do with ourselves, we float around these virtual walls and look for each other's graffiti. Funny, huh? May you make the most of it, and experience the joy that awaits you who crave your destination.