Well. I'm honored, to say the least. Over the past few years, I've worked with Jada Windows to create brand identity videos promoting their amazing work. They're craftsmen, artisans... designers, welders, painters, glaziers. They do it all. 

A while back Jada Beyer, (founder and owner), and I were talking. I suggested that I embed with his crews and begin filming what I see. Just me and camera gear, alongside his hardworking creatives. Amazingly, he agreed and gave me carte blanche permission to be there anytime I wanted and to film in any style I chose. I then spent hours experimenting in postproduction with whatever tools I chose to bring to bear - all within a "not-to-exceed" budget. I'm blown away that it won two awards in Corporate Identity and Cinematography. The voice you hear is Deanna Johnston, a professional talent from Nevada. We worked completely remotely. She read the script I wrote, and I directed (mostly listened) via Skype.

This video is the result of one of those missions. In all, I produced some fifteen videos to be used in social media and other venues.
pursuit of perfection. The title captures Jada's original passion for making exquisite doors and windows. And, oddly, it's what drives me as well.